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Solids Control Shaker technical and QC details ?>

Solids Control Shaker technical and QC details

Solids control shaker is a hot product at AIPU Solids Control. Let’s find more about why it’s popular. To know better about mud shaker, we need to understand details from the produce. Shale shaker manufacture procedure We’ll issue the produce orders against the contract between AIPU and clients. On produce orders, there are details including but not limited to model number, specifications, quantity, special requirements on motors & surface colour, and so on Then according to produce orders, the technical…

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Oilfield Shaker China Supplier ?>

Oilfield Shaker China Supplier

Oilfield shaker is the special equipment to separate drilling cuttings out of oilfield drilling mud and recycle drilling fluids back to mud tank for reuse. AIPU Solids Control is a leading supplier in China for various shaker and other drilling mud process equipment which is part of a complete solids control system. The shaker for oilfield is normally larger size compares other drilling activity like trenchless drilling, geothermal or coal bed methan drilling as well as higher standard on explosion…

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Shale Shaker On Tank for Trenchless ?>

Shale Shaker On Tank for Trenchless

Shale shaker is one of the core solids separation equipment for drilling mud process. The shaker will sit on tank to allow tank fluids drop by gravity and tank for storage of treated mud. The shale shaker model section for trenchless should be: mud flow capacity, shaker screen specification, buffer box on shaker top and Non explosion proof electricals. Trenchless mud system requires good performance, limit foot print and cost effective. Any of the 3 points is very important to…

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Shaker Decks Under Fabrication ?>

Shaker Decks Under Fabrication

Shaker deck is one of the most important component for a shale shaker which requires high strengths while 0-7.5G vibrating with motors bolted and drilling mud under treatment. AIPU is building 12 sets of shale shakers for 3 onshore drilling sites finished building jobs and waiting for sand blasting and painting. Sand blasting is a necessary procedure to help painting quanlity which is very important for shaker working out side. Each site requires 3 sets shaker and 1 set mud…

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4 Panels Shale Shaker for 1000HP Rig ?>

4 Panels Shale Shaker for 1000HP Rig

4 panels shale shaker is the used widely for 1000HP rig or a larger rig with more sets shakers installed. 2 or 3 sets shakers installed on the shaker tank to reach 1000-1500GPM mud flow capacity on drilling site. The 4 panels means each shaker installs 4 pcs shaker screen, each screen 585 x 1165 mm size which is replaceable with Mongoose shaker screen. Frame type screen with wedge for tighten screen onto shaker to reach fast replacement with hammer….

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