Oilfield Shaker China Supplier ?>

Oilfield Shaker China Supplier

Oilfield shaker is the special equipment to separate drilling cuttings out of oilfield drilling mud and recycle drilling fluids back to mud tank for reuse. AIPU Solids Control is a leading supplier in China for various shaker and other drilling mud process equipment which is part of a complete solids control system. The shaker for oilfield is normally larger size compares other drilling activity like trenchless drilling, geothermal or coal bed methan drilling as well as higher standard on explosion proof.

Oilfield Shaker

Oilfield Shaker Suppliers

  1. US suppliers is the most welcome brands for oilfield mud equipment, like the top brand Derrick, Swaco and Brandt are the most leading suppliers in the world with high tech and best working performance. Each suppliers focus on different design details and users will choose equipment depending on current equipment, drilling condition, design features and of cause price budget.
  2. China suppliers is the another part. There are more and more China suppliers supply oilfield equipment good quality, good service and good price and lead time. AIPU is the leading supplier in China offers a complete line of oilfield mud equipment including various designs of shakers.
  3. Other suppliers in India, Europe or other countries. Here is not too many suppliers for oilfield shakers.

Oilfield shaker is the first phase mud process equipment and cut point and mud flow capacity is flexible depending on mud condition and shaker screen selection. Please contact AIPU for more shaker specification.


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