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Desander Plant for Pipe Jacking ?>

Desander Plant for Pipe Jacking

There will be mud required for pipe jacking to flush and bring solids out of the hole, the desander plant is designed to process the returned mud for reuse and reduce waste discharge as well as reduce cost. AIPU build different sizes of desanser plant for pipejacking based on it’s mud flow capacity requirement by different model of shale shaker and cyclone quantity. It is very compact design with small footprint, large mud flow capacity, no mixing application and no…

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Mud Desander For Drilling Mud Process ?>

Mud Desander For Drilling Mud Process

Mud desander is the second phase drilling mud process equipment in a whole solids control drilling mud process system. AIPU Solids Control is a professional manufacturer for mud desander with different specification and configurations. The desander can be a 3 in 1 with shale shaker, desander cyclone and desilter cyclone. Or it can be a 2 in 1 with shale shake rand desander cyclone. The easiest configuration is desander cyclone with neccessery pipeline and frame to make it lowest cost…

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Desander Unit for Pipe Jacking Machine ?>

Desander Unit for Pipe Jacking Machine

Desander unit for pipe jacking machine is designed for drilling mud treatment by vibrating shaker screen as well as cyclone. AIPU Solids Control is one of the top manufacturers for desander unit as well as shaker screen for various sizes. AIPU build several standard models depending on mud flow treating capacity and solids separation points required. The main components are double deck shale shaker, desander cyclone, desilter cyclone, centrifugal pumps, mud tank and tank attachements. Special Designs for desander Unit…

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Oilfield Desander Delivery To Jobsite ?>

Oilfield Desander Delivery To Jobsite

AIPU built 5 sets oilfield desander and delivery to sea port last week for sea delivery to jobsite. Other than 5 sets of desander, AIPU built desander feeding pump with pump body and electrical motors with electrical control panels that delivery together desanders. The clients asked desander inquiry for tender with technical tender and commercial tender parts, AIPU supply all technical documents with highly commitment of technical requirement. Oilfield Desander Technical Description 1500 GPM mud flow capacity by separating solids…

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Piling Desander Separater For Sale ?>

Piling Desander Separater For Sale

Piling desander separater is required for piling machine on construction site to separate stone, sand and silt out of mud slurry for reuse. The piling desander separater requires high mud flow capacity, very compact design and economic price very much. So it’s important to design and manufacture to suit above request to meet clients application. AIPU Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturer for mud treatment and build piling desander separater for sale with small footprint design, different size…

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