Shale Shaker On Tank for Trenchless ?>

Shale Shaker On Tank for Trenchless

Shale shaker is one of the core solids separation equipment for drilling mud process. The shaker will sit on tank to allow tank fluids drop by gravity and tank for storage of treated mud. The shale shaker model section for trenchless should be: mud flow capacity, shaker screen specification, buffer box on shaker top and Non explosion proof electricals. Trenchless mud system requires good performance, limit foot print and cost effective. Any of the 3 points is very important to allow a trenchless user to select the right mud equipment.

shale shaker

Trenchless Shale Shaker Features

  1. Mud flow capacity has too meet mud pump flow capacity, the shaker flow capacity is flexible depending on shaker screen mesh and mud conditions. Screen mesh need to be considered while model selection.
  2. Shaker dimension should be considered to allow shaker installed on tank top without disassemble while inland transport. Buffer box fixed on tank top instead of back is necessary to reduce shaker length.
  3. Shaker is bolted onto tank top for flexible installation and disassemble while moving.
  4. Non-explosion proof electricals for trenchless project to reduce total cost.

There are several model options for shale shaker, AIPU is able to help for model selection depending on drilling mud condition. Please contact us freely for shaker inquiry


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