The important of shale shaker screen ?>

The important of shale shaker screen

Shale shaker is one of the most important equipment for the whole drilling fluid system. Shale shaker screen is mounted on suitable shaker by hook stripe. Shaker screen panel is stuck with two stainless steel layers together.

Shale shaker screen types

Shaker screen will be divided into various types according to different standard, generally, flat screens, pyramid screens, soft/hard hook strap screens, steel frame screens, composite screens, PU screens, etc.

Shaker screen replacement for Derrick including PWP screen, PMD screen; for NOV Brandt including Cobra series steel frame, VSM Screen, for Mi-Swaco shale shaker including Mongoose and ALS shaker screen; and for Aipu Equipment own designed shale shaker, we have self-designed and self-made shaker screens, etc.

The importance of shale shaker screen

What is a shale shaker screen basically? Many people don’t really know about the importance of the shale shaker. It’s an equipment which is used to “shake ”the drilling mud. In short, the shale shaker has a machine attached with it which vibrates. The vibration is in order to separate the solid particles from the liquid mud. The shaker installed with the shale shaker screen has an important job to do. It has to vibrate. This vibration is then used to separate the molecules from the liquid mud which are bigger the 76 microns. Shale shaker is a part of the solid control system.

This solid control system is highly beneficial when it comes to the separation of solids from the liquid mud. Nor does it increase the penetration that is caused by the drilling but it also reduces the cost of the mud as well as the cost of disposal. Conclusively, the more the solids are reduced from the liquid mud, the more easy and cost effective the process of drilling will be. The operation of the shale shaker screen is quite simple. The shaker gets rid of all the solids by letting the liquid mud pass through its screen, which is in motion or you can say vibrating. Due to the vibration the solid molecule of the liquid mud are separated after which they fall back while the liquid part of the mud is allowed to pass on. Shale Shaker Screens are basically the most important and one of the main parts of the solid control systems.

Shale shakers have been used in the drilling process since along time now, however with the advancing technology and more and more inventions newer things have been introduced in the market.

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