Flare ignition device from Aipu solids control ?>

Flare ignition device from Aipu solids control

Flare ignition device is a special oil drilling equipment to process the invaded gas, it is also an effective equipment to handle the tail gas and invaded natural gas in refinery and natural gas collecting and distributing station. It can ignite the harmful invaded gas to eliminate the hazards to the environment, so it is also a security environmental protection equipment. Usually this equipment is matched with mud gas separator used in oil & gas drilling and CBM drilling.

Parameters of flare ignition device



AFI 20/3
Torch Dia DN200mm
Burner Height 2.5m~3m
Voltage 220V
Ignition Voltage 16KV
Ignition Frequency 100~1000次/分

Structure of flare ignition device

The flare ignition device has a simple structure. The ignition is controlled by a small control panel installed on the vertical pipe, and at the foot of this device, we design a natural gas tank to store natural gas for ignition. The potential transformer could convert the electrical pressure from 220 volt to 16000 volt. At connecting point of the flare ignition device to hoses from the drilling site, we install a backfire valve to prevent the fire get in the hose contercurrently.

Features and benefits of flare ignition device

1   High quality standard steel material

2   Compact design and light weight

3   Connected with H2S poor boy degasser by flare line.

4   Burn H2S and other poisonous gas efficiently and completely

5   High ignition frequency

2   Save space, easy to handle and transfer

4   Protect drilling site and keep work safe

Ignition device maintenance measures

  1. The equipment should works in the cool and dry place, don’t shine for a long time and forbidden to insolate, rain.
  2. If the remote control can’t get the signal under normal circumstances, and the remote control ejector indicator is darken shows remote control battery is undervoltage, need to change battery.
  3. In order to ensure the accumulator can normally work when have no alternating current, when have current request use 220v alternating current.
  4. The ignition needle need often scrubbed, eliminated teh carbon deposition and sundries.

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