Vacuum degasser working principle ?>

Vacuum degasser working principle

Vacuum degasser is a professional equipment mainly used to treat invading gas, it is also called negative pressure degasser. If there is no gas migrating into the drilling fluids, the vacuum degasser would work as a big mud agitator to enhance the shearing rate of the drilling mud. Now Aipu solids control will give you some details about vacuum degasser.

As a requisite purification device in drilling mud process, we must completely know vacuum degasser working principle.

Vacuum degasser principle

The vacuum degasser sucks the drilling mud then separates gas out of drilling fluid by vacuum pump.

Our vacuum degasser operates on a “thin strata” principle. The drilling mud enters into the tank and then forced to flow into the area of internal baffle plates. The baffle plates engineered to allow the liquid in the vacuum degasser become thin film will be exposed to the vacuum within the vessel. This layer of mud allows the gas to escape or break out of the mud. The vacuum pump releases the gas and discharges it to the disposal line. Mud exits the vessel under venturi action and then returns to the mud system.

Commonly used vacuum degasser will occur some failures. In order to get vacuum degasser a long service life, we should know breakdown reason and how to recover it.

Common failures and solution of vacuum degasser

Low vacuum degree or zero. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Without water or deficient water in vacuum pump lead to not form a rotary water ring.
  2. Solution: Making water into the pump, adjust valve.
  3. Large gap in the two ends of impeller.
  4. Solution: Reduce paper pad and replace impeller to adjust gap.
  5. High temperature in pump
  6. Solution: Increase cold water.
  7. Bolt connection or exhaust pipe seal is bad.
  8. Solution: Fastening bolts or seal exhaust pipe leakage
  9. The suction pipe and exhaust pipe have not been immersed in the mud.

Shaft horsepower is too large. For the following reasons:

  1. Too much water in pump.
  2. Solution: Adjust valve again.
  3. Impeller on the shaft sleeve can not be removed.
  4. Solution: Open the pump cover and the impeller, adjust gap.

There is a strange sound and a strong vibration after staring. The reasons are as follows:

  1. The pump is damaged or solids particle is in the pump.
  2. Solution: Open the pump head cleaning, if damaged it should be replaced
  3. Foreign matter in the vacuum tank.
  4. Solution: Open the flange or open the bottom cover removal

Above questions and solutions are from a long practice summary in oilfield drilling. If you have other questions in vacuum degasser or solids control equipment operation, please contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer.


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