How to operate solids control equipment? ?>

How to operate solids control equipment?

Solids control system info

Solids control system is very important for oil and gas exploitation. However, the drilling fluid solid control equipment is top priority of the importances. So how to use solids control equipment? How to maintain? Only correctly use and carefully maintain can make them play a better role so as to reduce loss. Solids control equipment is divided into five stages purifying system, what are five stages purifying system?

The first purifying: shale shaker

The second purifying: Vacuum degasser

The third purifying: desander

The fourth purifying: desilter

The fifth purifying: decanter centrifuge

Drilling mud solids control equipment also include mud mixing pump, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc.

How to operate solids control equipment?

When this system supplied to customers, all the valves is closed. Customers must be according to the following rules to operate:

Firstly, after send drilling mud purifying system to the site, customers will place, connect, install and equip according to actual situation. Since the equipment is a part of drilling mud purifying circle system, and its main function is to purify, compound and storage drilling mud. After connecting purifying equipment with drill rig slurry outlet, must equip storage tank or mud tank to storage more mud so as to supply drill rig enough mud.

Secondly, all facilities adopt single startup without mutual interference. Customers are able to use any solids control equipment according to drilling fluids situation. Once start drilling, drilling mud is fed normally, this system will work normally.

When we use mud mixing hopper, first we should shut off feeding flygate, after pressed drilling fluids normally discharged from outlet and then open flygate to feed operation. If the weight hopper is swirl type, we should keep feeding constantly as much as possible to avoid mud returning. If discharging difficultly or blocking, we should reduce or stop feeding and check out failure cause immediately.

When drilling mud shale shaker is stopped, we should wash it immediately and forbid to use metal tools clean cuttings on screen. Before mud agitator working, first check whether  there are enough lubrication oil in reducer box. when clear sand or high pressure mud circulation, firstly should open jet valve and then open upper total pipeline valve.

Summary of effective solids control

  1. Obtain solids removal equipment for your operation.
  2. Remove as many drilled cuttings as possible before being pumped back down the bore hole.
  3. Do not by pass the shale shaker or other solid control equipment while drilling.
  4. Use the smallest mesh screen possible on the shale shaker.
  5. Maintain an adequate inventory of recommended spare parts.
  6. Train & assign rig personnel to be responsible for equipment operation & maintenance.

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