Mud Gas Separator for Drilling Mud Process ?>

Mud Gas Separator for Drilling Mud Process

Mud gas separator is used to treat gas invaded mud while drilling, while gas invade happens, It’s very important to use mud gas separator to reduce blowout accident occurred. As per pressure, there is normally pressure degasser and high pressure degasser. The degasser will fix after chock manifold before shale shaker with proper pipeline arrangement. There is a U pipeline on mud discharge before mud entering into shale shaker.

mud gas separator
mud gas separator

Mud Gas Separator Feature

1.       The Drain point is fixed under degasser vessel bottom to control fluids height and clean vessel when solids build up.

2.       There is separate gas vent line inside of degasser, the vent line confirms gas discharge efficiency.

3.       The principle of degasser can be centrifugal force, physical impact or vacuum separate. AIPU build all the above 3 degasser with different size options.

4.       The bent of pipe installs buffer device to reduce flash power and parts is replaceable. It is maximum it’s working life by replace parts.

5.       Material of degasser can be hydrogen sulfide resistant by special steel material.

6.       Mud inlet, mud discharge and gas vent line connection is flange with proper seal. Mud inlet is 5 inch size, mud discharge and gas vent line is 8 inch size. All size can be customized as per client request.

mud gas separator
mud gas separator

Mud gas separator will work with flare ignition device to burning the discharged gas 30 or longer distance away. The flare ignition device will connect with degasser with gas vent line, the flare ignition device is non return valve, ignitor, junction box and control panel with cable. AIPU Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturer for mud gas separator, flare ignition device as well as other drilling mud process equipment like vibrating shaker, mud cleaner with cyclone and shaker, centrifuge, etc. Please contact AIPU freely.


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