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mud cleaner

Mud Cleaner is the second stage and the third stage is solids control equipment which is a combination of a Desander, Desilter, and underflow shale shaker. Compared with traditional separate Desander and Desilter, the mud cleaner has a higher cleaning function. The Underflow Screen equals another shale shaker that receives the waste from the cyclone nozzle for additional processing. So that mud cleaners could recover more valuable drilling mud. Mud cleaner is the ideal device for second and third-class solid control to treat the drilling mud.

Combination of hydrocyclones and screens in series with the underflow of the hydrocyclones. NOTE The hydrocyclone overflow returns to the drilling fluid, while the underflow of the hydrocyclones is processed through a vibrating screen. The screen is usually of size API 150 or finer. The screen solids discharge is discarded while the liquid and solids passing through the screen are returned to the drilling fluid.

Mud cleaner is integral equipment including desilting cyclone and desanding cyclone installed on drilling fluid Vibro sieve. It is used to further separate the mud handled by drilling fluid Vibro sieve and remove the small solid particles in mud, getting prepared for mud entering fourth-stage separation equipment and further purification.

mud cleaner

Technical Parameters:

  • 1. Handling capacity: 50m³/h, 90m³/h, 120m³/h, 200m³/h, 240m³/h, 320m³/h;
  • 2. Number of desilter: 100×4, 100×6, 100×8, 100×10, 100×12, 100×16;
  • 3. Number of desander: 200×2, 250×1, 250×1, 250×2, 250×2, 250×3;
  • 4. Working pressure: 0.25-0.45MPa; 5. Separating point: 15μm~74μm;
  • 6. Bottom flow sieve: Hunter-D or Hunter-MG series;
  • 7. Vibration locus: straight or translational elliptical
  • 8. Vibration frequency: 1500rpm or 1800rpm;

Notes: 4″ cyclone =12~15m3/h, 8″ cyclone =30~35m3/h,10″ cyclone =90~120m3/h Cyclone can be provided according to customers’ demands on handling capacity.

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