Dual Shale Shaker for Drilling Mud Treatment ?>

Dual Shale Shaker for Drilling Mud Treatment

AIPU Solids Control build dual shale shaker for drilling mud treatment, dual shale shaker will sit on shaker tank for first phase drilling mud treatment. All models of shale shaker can made into dual shale shaker by sharing a skid for fast moving and easy installation. There are 3 panels or 4 panels shaker normally for 1000 – 1500 GPM mud flow capacity for dual shale shaker.

Dual Shale Shaker Main Specification

  1. Mud flow capacity design is 100 – 1500 GPM, there are buffer box each shaker to reduce mud speed for entrance. Before the buffer box, there is a mud distributor to allow mud from manifold goes into 2 sets of shale shaker averagely.
  2. The cement bypass pipe can be design and arrange on mud distributor.
  3. Shaker screen can be composite material for better performance, wedge type screen for fast replacing.
  4. The share skid will sit on mud tank, normally there are requirement for skid size to allow it not too wide than mud tank width. The skid width within 2500mm is ideally.
  5. Each shaker deck angle can be adjust from -1 to 5 degree depending on shaker performance and drilling requirement. The mechanical adjust is steady and reliable for working and operation.
  6. Shaker control panel sit beside shaker deck for timely control on shaker operating.
  7. Electrical standard will be build as per different site requirement like ATEC, IECEX, or other standard


Other than dual shale shaker, AIPU build separate shale shaker as well for convenient installation and flexible arrangement. The shaker will including shaker deck, vibrator motors, control panel, buffer box and shaker skid. Please contact AIPU Solids Control for more information.


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