Drilling mud shale shaker screen ?>

Drilling mud shale shaker screen

Shale shaker screen summary

Shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in drilling mud purification system. It also plays an important role in oil drilling. Shale shaker screen affects on shaker performance is affected by shake screen mainly. Shaker screen use is widely, such as oil well drilling mud process, today we will make a detailed introduction for shaker screen.

The types of shaker screen

Considering materials, the shaker screen including stainless steel wire screen, polyurethane screen and composite shaker screen products.

Based on surface shape, the shaker screen including flat shaker screen and corrugated shaker screen. According to the installation way, there are hook strap type and wedge pressing one. Different installation way provides users convenience when selecting shale shaker.

Drilling mud shale shaker screen
Drilling mud shale shaker screen

Aipu Shale shaker screen feature

  1. Design on structure and material selection provide large treating capacity, it removes solids particle from drilling mud effectively.
  2. No matter for steel frame or composite frame, we weld the supporting metal frame durable. And the screen material are the true high quality stainless steel. So clients will all enjoy a long usable life screen panels.
  3. Various types shaker screen are supplied for different type shale shaker according to clients’ different requirement.

4.Higher performance leads to relative lower cost.

  1. High quality raw material stainless steel wire cloth, polyurethane ensure a long service life.
  2. Advanced design for shaker screen make screen with strong application.

How to choose a suitable shaker screen?

  1. You can determine the screen standard according to the requirements of the industry
  2. You can determine the screen the diameter of wires and meshes according to the screening material.
  3. Exactly speaking, the screen mesh only can represent effective sieving area of screen. Let the supplier provide detail standard to confirm the size of mesh if you requires a higher sieving precision.
  4. The screen mesh size and aperture is in inverse ratio calculation.

Aipu solids control can supply shale shaker screen with a variety of mesh ranges for oil field, sand control, coal industry, filter liquid and gas, etc.

We serve customers by understanding their goals and sharing their vision. Aipu will provide an optimal solution for any petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project. To learn more, please feel free to contact Aipu solids control.

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