Why to choose drilling mud agitator? ?>

Why to choose drilling mud agitator?

Mud agitator function

The first reason of why to choose mud agitator is due to its function. It is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid to prevent the accumulation of solid particles in the drilling fluid in the tank of circulation system, to make the drilling fluid with stable performance and equally mixing.


Another reason of why to choose mud agitator is due to its structure.

  1. The mud agitator adopts reducer with favorable engagement, which is able to be beneficial to possess reliable performance and high efficiency as well as compact structure similar to vacuum degasser.
  2. Use the reducer to connect to the explosion proof electric machine with simple maintenance, which means that the mud agitator is able to work in poor working condition.
  3. And the mud agitator possesses large stir strength with large range, which is able to reduce the starting resisting torque.
  4. And the electric machine should be placed in a horizontal way to make sure the installation and adjustment as well as exchange of the desilter.


Furthermore, it has many advantages: Longer usable life on motor and gear box. Require less space also easy to handle. High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature. Adaptable for different application.

All in all, the reason why to choose mud agitator is because of the all features. The combination of gear tank and blades can fit for most of the requirements. And the deeper the content is, the higher the efficiency of the mud agitator has.

The mud agitator is capable of having cutting ability according to the design production. Actually, the reason why to choose  is not only due to its performance, but also because of its high efficiency. Therefore, it is playing a more and more crucial role in oil drilling industry.

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