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What is drilling mud shear pump?

Drilling mud shear pump brief Shear pump is a new type solids control equipment which can configure and process drilling mud quickly, satisfy demand of high property drilling fluid. Shear pump can mix drilling fluid effectively and hydrate completely the material added in drilling mud, saving the mud material, reducing the configuration time and providing high performance mud for drilling…

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centrilfual pump

Application of centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump is commonly used in the process of oil exploitation, but there is no need to use it in each oil field and every oil well. Usually, the centrifugal pump only used in special conditions where common machine used in oil exploitation can not solve the problem. Now, we will discuss about the conditions details one by one. Centrifugal…

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HunterM shale shaker

Solids control shale shake

A summary of shale shake Drilling mud shale shaker is a solids control equipment for drilling mud process. It is adopted imported vibration motor to ensure high quality. Drilling mud shale shake is also used as an underflow in the mud cleaner. High strength vibration and performance, compact structure, better filtration effect, deck angle is adjustable. Shale shakes are widely…

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Mud agitator brief introduction

Drilling fluids mud agitator is part of the drilling fluid solids control equipment. The purpose of mud agitator is to obtain uniformity of drilling mud and solids particles suspension. It is mainly used in drilling mud stirred mixing and to prevent drilling mud solids particles depositing. Mud agitator feature Adopt circular cylindrical worm reducer, shaft section for the circular cylindrical…

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Mud gas separate brief introduction

Mud gas separate is commonly called liquid-gas separators or poor boy degasser. It is used to separate large volume of free gas. It is more efficient to separate gas invaded mud and minimizes gas-cut mud. The compact separator is well-suited for the space limitations of oilfield drilling. Usually combining mud gas separator with the flare ignition device ensures the drilling…

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