How to improve jet mud mixer working efficiency? ?>

How to improve jet mud mixer working efficiency?

Jet mud mixer can be used to change the fluids or mud density, viscosity by adding and mixing bentonite. Connected by manifold valve, jet mud mixer is composed of sand pump, jet hopper and mixer. Aipu can provide jet mud mixer as per customer requirements.

Mud Mixer Features & Benefits

  1. Mud mixer is a single jet mud mixer combined with 45 Kw (or 55 Kw) sand pump and a jet mud hopper or a double jet mixer of two pumps and two hoppers.
  2. The weighting hopper can be combined with a pump or be used independently with manifold valves with pump.
  3. Put the drilling fluid materials (bentonites, barite powder) and the corresponding chemical additives (polymer) into circulating tank for increasing the total.

How to maintain jet mud mixer?

In order to make the installation and operation of jet mud mixer to be more efficient, attentions should be paid to the following questions:

  1. Select jet mud mixer that suitable to drilling fluid solid control system. Normally, to most solid control system, a mixing hopper is just enough, if the drilling fluid circulation rate is bigger than 4550L/min, consider using a capacity of 4550L/min mixing hopper.
  2. Keep the distance of line pipes and mixing hopper as short and straight as possible. Selection of pump and motor should based on the system requirements of pressure head and flow rate. During all operation, venturi tube can play a good role, especially when the system back pressure will reduce the drilling fluid mixing hopper working efficiency, venturi tube allows fluid to move to higher height than the hopper in the vertical direction, in many cases, mixing hopper is placed in horizontal direction, while the downstream pipeline is placed higher or equal to the height of the drilling fluid tank top.

In the drilling fluids processing system for petroleum drilling and horizontal directional drilling, jet mud mixer plays an important role and is used widely. Aipu solids control can provide you high performance jet mud mixer to cater your special demand. If you are interested in or need jet mud mixer and other solids control equipment please feel free to inform us.


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