How to select a decanter centrifuge? ?>

How to select a decanter centrifuge?

Brief introduction for centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is used in many industries. Such as industrial and biological wastewater treatment, food processing, chemical slurry, etc. One important application is oilfield drilling industry, which is used to separate liquid and solids particles or the mixture between liquid through centrifugal force. The types of decanter centrifuge are various and it is also very expensive. So in order to save cost and provide working efficiency, for centrifuge selection, we must be according to actual situation to choose a suitable centrifuge.

The following factors should be considered

  1. Rotational speed

Generally decanter centrifuge rotates at 3000rpm or more. The higher rotational speed, the higher separation count of machinery, and then we can get the better separation effect.

  1. Decanter centrifuge material

For different materials with different physicochemical properties, such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance is completely different. Generally, the materials of machinery are at least 316L or DSS. Wear element will choose ceramic composite.

  1. Control of centrifuge differential

The control accuracy of different differential is different, and life and maintenance costs are different considerably. The higher accuracy of differential, the better adaptability to the material, and then we should choose higher accuracy of differential.

  1. Aspect ratio

Larger ratio of machinery, the larger the processing power, and moisture is less.

  1. Control system

Whether the machinery owns PLC (programming controller automatically), at present, decanter centrifuge have achieved automating level at home and abroad.

  1. Installed powder

Machinery from different country owns different energy consumption.

  1. Processing technology

The decanter centrifuge is high machining precision separating machinery. They are suitable for accurate segregation.

After detailed introduction about how to select an excellent decanter centrifuge, we believe now that you can purchase a suitable decanter centrifuge to meet your drilling request. For more information on drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact Aipu solids control.

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