Brief introduction of flare ignition device ?>

Brief introduction of flare ignition device

Why we need flare ignition devices?

Flare ignition devices are usually flamed As we all known that petroleum, natural gas & coal bed methane gas are all produced from the ancient organism. In  process of oilfield drilling, it would produce large amount of harmful gases underground, such as H2S, Methane, etc.

These gases mix together underground and easy to explode makes it difficult to collect them in petroleum drilling. And if these high-pressed gases break the borehole pressure balance, well kick may happen. This would be a disaster for a drilling project. So underground gases must be well controlled in the oilfield. These harmful gases come to the surface of the well, they are usually burned with the electric ignition device at a safety distance.

Flare ignition devices
Flare ignition devices

The flare ignition devices of fuel gas designed and manufactured by Aipu solids control is a kind of security and environmental protection equipment, the equipment is used to ignite and burn the blown down harmful gas to prevent the environment and security from being endangered.

Flare ignition device working principle

Once we need a flare ignition device, we also should equip another device which is called mud gas separator. The drilling mud invaded by gas get into the mud gas separator from the drilling hole, then the gas in the mud will be removed out and guide to the flare ignition device by a tube. The flare ignition device is normally installed at least 50 meters far away from the drilling site.

Besides the drilling site, flare ignition device also could be used in all the places where will appear flammable and poisonous gas.

APFI 20/3 with torch (DN200) is a common model of Aipu flare ignition device. This device with high performance ignition circuit, has obtained customers wide confirmation.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in flare ignition device and other solids control equipments. Aipu will show professional service on all solids control equipment and system.

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