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How to choose mud tank? ?>

How to choose mud tank?

Mud tank is an important equipment to be used in the solids control system. Based on functions, mud tank includes metering tank, circulating tank, chemical tank, aggravating tank, precipitating tank, storing tank, etc. Mud tank function in mud circulation system Drilling fluids flow into the shale shaker directly after it returns to the surface of the well, and the solids that are removed by the screen would be discharged out of the tank, and the drilling fluids with smaller solids…

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Mud tank used in drilling mud solids control system ?>

Mud tank used in drilling mud solids control system

Solids control mud tank brief Mud tanksĀ are large storage container used to hold reserves of drilling fluid. As a mud supports, mud tank is an indispensable part in mud purification system. Mud tank can be drilling fluids vessel between mud pump and wellhead. Through solids control equipment separation step by step, solids particles in drilling mud will meet requirement of the drilling technology The corollary equipment for mud tank Normally, the mud tank is consisting of corollary equipment, including drilling…

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