The usage and selection of mud mixing pump ?>

The usage and selection of mud mixing pump

Mud mixing pump is a special equipment to be used to increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing bentonite, change the fluid density, change the mud density, viscosity and dehydration. The effect is more prominent if it is matched with shear pump. The mud mixing pump produced by Aipu solids control has the fast preparation mud speed, safe and reliable performance and long service life.

Usage of jet mud mixer

According to users’ custom, mud mixing pump can also be called jet mud mixer. The mixing pump can be used in HDD mud system, oil and gas drilling fluids system, coal seam drilling mud process system, mine drilling, etc.

As we know, the HDD is similar with coal seam drilling. Since they request not too large handling capacity. And the users prefer the system hold complete function including process, recycling, and mixing.

How to choose mud mixing pump?

Mud mixing pump selection depends on the system handling capacity. For example, if there is a 3K oil well drilling mud process system holding 120m3/h capacity, the mud mixing pump will request capacity up to 120m3/h also. Then the centrifugal pump should have flow rate up to 120m3/h.

Usually, the mixing pump selection has relation with flow rate and the horse power as well as design of system and the tank construction.

Then we need to consider the mud tank storage capacity. And every 10-30 minutes the jet mud mixer should finish mixture capacity up to storage capacity.

Mud mixing pump/Jet mixing unit can be designed specific type. Also according to customers’ various requirements on mixing capacity, Aipu will provide other customization service. For HDD/No dig, or tunnelling industry, the mud mixing pump or other equipments will be always required to be movable.

Aipu mud mixing pump can improve drilling mud property effectively, saving cost and time. If you need or you are interested in mud mixing pump, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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