Solids control shale shake ?>

Solids control shale shake

A summary of shale shake

Drilling mud shale shaker is a solids control equipment for drilling mud process. It is adopted imported vibration motor to ensure high quality. Drilling mud shale shake is also used as an underflow in the mud cleaner. High strength vibration and performance, compact structure, better filtration effect, deck angle is adjustable. Shale shakes are widely used in well drilling, metallurgy, mine, chemical, trenchless engineering industries.

The types of shale shaker

  1. Circular motion shaker.
  2. Elliptical motion shaker.
  3. Linear motion shaker
  4. Balanced elliptical shaker

Most of shale shakes used rectangular screen, some larger solids particles were cleared from the low-end of the shaker, small solid particles and drilling mud are through the screen to enter the circulatory system.

Shale shake structure

Drilling mud shale shakes are constructed with deck angle adjustment, shake screen, vibration motor, damping spring, control cabinet, regulating device and so on.

  1. Deck angle adjustment: adopt crochet screen and bolt tightening or wedge shaped block structure to ensure not easy to damage screen, work reliably, easy to operate and maintain.
  2. Vibration motor: composed of a shock beam and two sets famous explosion vibration motor. High vibrating strength and lower noise. Long service life.
  3. Shock absorber: Using the high strength composite rubber structure, stable performance, lower decibel, better efficiency.
  4. Actuating device: by adjusting the structure of screw rod, high accuracy of regulation, good stability, simple operation and easy installation.
  5. Control cabinet: Good safety performance, reduced voltage starting protection performance, long service life.

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