Mud Storage Tank for Oilfield ?>

Mud Storage Tank for Oilfield

Mud storage tank is well used in oilfield to storage dirty mud or clean mud as per drilling site requirement. The tank is made by H beam, steel plate, square pipe for tank beam and handaril, round pipe for pipeline arrangement, grattings or checker plate for tank top, centrifugal pump for mud transfer, mud agitator and mud gun, etc. AIPU is a leading mud tank manufacturer in China for drilling mud storage for various drilling like oil and gas drilling, trenchless drilling, diamond drilling, coal bed methan.

mud storage tank

Mud Storage Main Configuration

  1. 300mm H beam for tank skid, 150mm/200mm/250mm size H beam for selection depending on tank size. 3 runner beam for a whole skid with lifting pod.
  2. 8mm tank wall welded on H beam, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1800mm or 2000mm height as standard option.
  3. Each 3 meters welded a 100mm size square pipe to strengthen tank. Same 100mm square pipe welded on tank wall to make a tank top frame for strengthen application, mud gun line and water line with suitable ball valve.
  4. Gratings bolted on tank top to make a platform and visible of tank inside.
  5. Mud equipment like mixing pump, mixing hopper, mud agitator, mud gun and electrical control panel.

AIPU build mud tanks for various applications like shaker tank, centrifuge tank, intermediate tank, storage tank, mixing tank, pill tank, sluge tank, etc. Different tanks with similar tank arrangement but different size, layout, tank equipment arrangement, pipeline arrangement, etc. Please contact us on email for tank inquiry freely.


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