Mud sediment solutions during well drilling and after ?>

Mud sediment solutions during well drilling and after

Drilling fluids including different types. Such as water base, oil base and the polymer material drilling fluids. During well drilling, oil base mud is easy to deposit and become sediment or cakes.

Why there is sediment of drilling mud during well drilling

We know the oil base fluids hold higher density and viscosity. And during our operation, we need to add some material for better drilling efficiency. This may enhance mud gravity or viscosity. Furthermore, some drilling cuttings if not remove efficiently, all the materials will come together and deposit very soon

Some mud tanks design is not reasonable or proper. If the bottom is the flat pattern, fluids deposit sooner than the slopped one.

Anti-sediment mud tank
Anti-sediment mud tank

How to solve mud sediment?

Firstly, we can design the tank with a sloping bottom

Secondly, pay more attention to the right sizing of mud agitator, mud gun

Thirdly, design applicable agitators for certain drilling fluids with special specs

Fourthly, fit sufficient and proper pipelines in tank such as the circulation lines

Finally, use the centrifugal pump together with mud agitator and mud guns for better circulation and agitation in the tank and complete system

More tips on sediment solutions

During operation, especially when we use oil base mud the agitators with a special impeller. The blades are trapezoid shape with an arc on long side. This will help to move fluids upward and downward easily.

Furthermore, we should use a larger size circulation pump since higher power provide higher pressure. Under sufficient force of pump, whole circulation lines with heavy and sticky fluid will flow smoothly and decrease sediment possibility.

Finally, we have to pay attention to tank situation at every project ending. Clean the tank in time to avoid caking or harden of drilling mud.

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