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Mud Mixer Top Supplier

Mud mixer is design to mix mud chemicals into drilling mud, AIPU is one of the top suppliers of mud mixer in China as well as other drilling mud equipment like mud agitator, shale shaker, cyclone separator, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, etc. Some name mud agitator as mud mixer, some name jet mud mixer as mud mixer because both of them will work for mixing mud. Here the mud mixer introduction is jet mud mixer to mix new mud and balance mud density or viscosity as per plan by a mixing pump and venturi hopper.

mud mixer
mud mixer

Technical Component for Mud Mixer

  1. 1 set of mud mixing pump with electrical motor and mechanical seal pump together with coupler and tank skid. The pump size selection will be depending on mud mixing speed and jobsite conditions.
  2. 1 set of mud mixing hopper that venturi design to help suction powder mud materials into fluids. The mixing hopper can be 4 inch or 6 inch as per mud mixing speed requirement.
  3. Pipeline arrangement to connect mixing pump to mixing hopper and mud line from mixing hopper to outlet with butterflyvalve.
  4. Mixer skid to hold all above component with lifting eyes.

Mud mixer is one of important component in drilling mud equipment, Other than a separate mud mixer, AIPU is able to supply a mixer separately on mud tank, the centrifugal pump lay on top of tank skid, mud mixer lay maybe on top of tank with suitable pipeline arrangement with butterfly valve. Please contact us freely for technical constant or commercial inquiry.


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