Mud Mixer Installed on Mud Tank ?>

Mud Mixer Installed on Mud Tank

Mud mixer contains 1 or 2 sets mud mixing pump and 1 or 2 sets mud mixing hopper installed on a skid with pipeline arrangement and electrical control panel. The mixing pump can be centrifugal pump or shear pump depending on site requirement. A bag break device installed in mud mixing hopper to for site convenient. AIPU Solids Controls supply separate mud mixing pump and mixing hopper for client jobsite installation convenient. A mixer contains mixing pump, mixing hopper, mixer skid, pipeline arrangement, butterfly valves and pressure gauge.

Mud Mixer Technical Features

  1. 1 mixing pump and 1 mixing hopper installed onto a skid for cost effective with a electrical control panel.
  2. 2 mixing pumps and 1 mixing hopper installed onto a skid, 2 pump inlets connect with together by pipeline and butterfly valve, outlets connected same principle.
  3. Electrical control panel supplied to control motors of mixing pump.
  4. Fast connections for pump inlet and outlet to allow jobsite flexible installation and control.
  5. Venturi design mixing hopper to help mud mixing.

AIPU Solids Control build a complete line solids control equipment for drilling mud treatment including shale shaker, poor boy degasser, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, dessander, desilter, centrifugal pump, screw pump, submersible slurry pump, poor boy degasser. Please visit AIPU website or email us freely.


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