Mud Mixer for Making Drilling Mud ?>

Mud Mixer for Making Drilling Mud


Mud mixer is a combination of venturi mud mixing hopper, mud mixing pump, pipeline with butterfly valves, control panel and skid. The mixer is an essential equipment for making drilling mud in various drilling activities like oil and gas drilling, geothermal, coal bed gas well, trenchless drill, pilling, diamond drilling, etc. The mixer is higher performance, lower cost and flexible installation. AIPU build separate mixers or mixer parts separated installed on mixing tank both, open options to suit the drill site requirement and budget.

Mud Mixer


Mud Mixer Main Parts


1.       Venturi mud mixing hopper installed to help chemicals easily being agitated into water or drilling mud. The mixing hopper makes the mixing application easy and continuously.


2.       Mixing pump will transfer drilling mud or water to mix chemicals gradually. The pump is mechanical seal and interchargeable with Mission Magnum.


3.       Electrical control panels installed beside mixing pump to control the motor with delta starter. The delta starter is will be installed for motor 30kw and above, the motor bellow 30kw can be delta starter with extra cost.


4.       Pipeline arrangement between mixing pump and mixing hopper with butterfly valve. Special pipeline arrangement can be done as per request.


5.       A public skid to hold all above equipment for steady working and fast moving with lifting lugs.


Various size of mud mixer can be supplied by AIPU Solids Control on all above parts open options. Please contact us freely for mixer inquiry.



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