Mud Gun For Sale ?>

Mud Gun For Sale

Mud gun is the typical equipment to install onto tank for mud transfer and mud agitating. AIPU builds 2” and 3” mud gun for sale with lead time 3 to 20 days depending on stock conditions and quantity ordered. There are spinner/pivot type gun, bottom type gun and non-spinner type gun for open options and bottom type gun is AIPU strongly suggest optons for good performance, cost effective and flexible installation.

mud gun

Mud Gun Features

  1. 2” or 3” gun is an open option to suit whole site arrangement, pipeline size and pressure conditions. 2” ball valve installed for 2” valve and 3” butterfly valve used for 3” gun with higher cost.
  2. 3 pcs nozzles with replaceable PU jet nuts for flexible replacement. Fixed or rotation type nozzles both can be supplied.
  3. Each gun installed on gun line with a ball valve or butterfly valve with a centrifugal pump to drive all guns.
  4. Each tank compartment will install at least 1 mud gun or 2 guns at each corner for mainly mud agitating and/or mud transfer application like trip tank.
  5. Gun diameter, fixed or rotation type, tank depth, quantity are the main issues need confirm for inquiry.

AIPU supply many options for mud gun and mud agitator for mud tank building. Please contact us for gun inquiry.


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