Mud gas separator for drilling mud processing system ?>

Mud gas separator for drilling mud processing system

Mud gas separator (poor boy degasser) is professional equipment used to separates large volume of free gas within the drilling fluid. When the drilling mud results gas invading, the proportion of its weight and viscosity have a greater deviation can’t meet the requirements of drilling. If we don’t treat this situation timely, seriously it would cause dangerous accidents and even blowout accident occurred. Mud gas separator can be used to ensure the drilling process smooth.

Application rang of mud gas separator

Mud gas separator is matching used with throttle manifold, it can break away the free gas in drilling fluid. It can be used to dispose underbalance drilling and hydrothion drilling fluid.

Mud gas separator operation

In the separator, mud with gas in it from the coke manifold enters the top and falls over several baffle plates. The gas break out of the mud as it falls over the baffle plates and goes to the flare line. The gas free mud falls to the bottom outlet where it goes to the mud tank for circulation downhole.

The flare line conducts gas from the mud gas separator to a flare pit on land rig. The gas is burned or flared in the flare pit. Notes that the flare line outlet is a good distance away from the rig floor, so even when gas is flaring, the crew can still safely work on the rig floor.

Mud gas separator should meet the requirements

According to the practical experience, the throughput of mud gas separator must be 5 times of the design circulation volume.

The inlet pipe inner diameter of mud gas separator should be equal or bigger than the inner diameter of throttle manifold discharge pipeline.

The inner diameter of mud gas separator discharge pipeline should bigger than the inner diameter of inlet pipeline, mud directly discharged to shale shaker inlet manifold or mud store tank.

The diameter of exhaust pipeline should be 200mm or bigger.

The gas discharge pipeline can’t be equipped valve.

Mud gas separator size and design selection is important for petroleum well drilling. Welcome to Aipu for the right size and good design for your mud gas separator in oilfield drilling mud.


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