Mud Agitator Technical Questions ?>

Mud Agitator Technical Questions

Mud Agitator Main Configuration?

Electrical motor, agitator gear box, coupler, shaft and impeller. Worm gear is the most popular used gear for cost effective but larger footprint. Bevel gear is better working performance and small footprint but higher cost which is the reason for not popular. Coupler is not a necessary part but coupler type agitator is better to protect motor and gear.

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Mud Agitator Direction?

The agitator direction is not very strict because both direction is workable, the right direction is good agitating performance but heavier load and wrong direction will reduced load and agitating performance is not that good. The right direction is to press the mud downwards instead of upwards. While the mud goes down wards, the settled solids will be flushed up to keep a good agitating performance.

Electrical Standard for Mud Agitator

Explosion proof agitator is required for oil & gas drilling site, coal seam bethane drilling or mining. The Ex standard is different depending on different countries regulation and drilling site. Non explosion proof agitator is good for other drilling site like horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling, micro tunneling, pilling, etc. Ex standard is a customized part will be done as per buyer’s request.


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