Mud Agitator Ready Delivery to HDD Drill Site ?>

Mud Agitator Ready Delivery to HDD Drill Site

Mud agitator is a necessary equipment for drilling mud agitating in mud tank to stop solids build up at tank bottom and tank corner. AIPU built 10 sets of mud agitator for 5 sets mud recycling system installation. The HDD drill site mud recycling system normally 1 tank design or with another tank for mud mixing, each rig require 2 or 3 agitator depending on tank size. AIPU finished agitator packing job yesterday and delivery to sea port today to catch ship next week to India.

mud agitator
mud agitator

HDD Mud Agitator

  1. A complete agitator including electrical motor, gear box, coupler, skid, shaft, impeller, stabilizer and necessary safety cover.
  2. Non-explosion proof electrical motor instead of explosion proof motor for cost effective.
  3. Warm gear or bevel gear supplied for options. Bevel gear for better agitating performance, lower power requirement but higher cost. Warm gear with larger size motor for cost effective.
  4. Agitator shaft length is built as per mud tank depth together with stabilizer. Impeller can be single or double depending on tank size.
  5. 3 layers paintings with each layer 150 microns thick and totally 300 – 400 microns thick.
  6. A separate electrical control panel is required to control agitator motor for on/off and motor protection.

HDD mud agitator normally lower standard requirement compares oilfield agitator because of lower mud condition requirement and lower electrical Ex standard requirement. AIPU supply a complete line HDD mud equipment for mud recycling, mud mixing and mud storage. Please contact us freely for inquiry.


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