Mud Agitator Options for Mud Tank ?>

Mud Agitator Options for Mud Tank

Mud agitator is a very important to mix mud inside of tank to avoid solids build up in tank corner. There are different types of agitator depending on motor installation type, gear box type and jobsite footprint space. There is worm gear, bevel gear, horizontal installation and vertical installation for options. The agitators will be required for all mud storage tank, 24 hours working is essential because solids built in tank will be very hard to remove if without agitator. It is very important to keep the mud active in tank and able to pump to anywhere as per jobsite requirement.

mud agitator
mud agitator

Mud Agitator Options

  1. Horizontal worm gear type agitator, this is the most popular agitator used in oil and gas mud tank because it’s cost effective. There is coupler options for agitator to protect gear or options without coupler for saving cost.
  2. Horizontal bevel gear type agitator, this is a very good option for larger torque and minimum footprint. The bevel gear is much higher torque compares worm gear. Better performance, higher cost.
  3. Vertical agitator, this is well used for vertical tank with small footprint but higher height.

AIPU supply mud agitator for above options as per buyer’s request and cost budget. Other than agitator, AIPU supply a series equipment for mud tank or a whole tank with all tank attachment. Please contact us freely.


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