Linear motion shale shaker ?>

Linear motion shale shaker

Shale shaker info

Drilling mud shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in drilling fluids purification system. The drilling mud shale shaker can remove above 75μm cuttings and make the liquid with smaller particles get into the drilling fluid circulation mud tanks, which will flow into next stage drilling fluids solids control equipment to be treated. With the development of the drilling technology, there are various of different types shale shaker to be used and created widely. Today, we will introduce some details about the linear motion shale shaker.

The linear motion shale shaker working principle

The shale shaker is designed according to the linear motion locus produced by screen surface. Two motors’ midperpendicular and screen angle into a corner, then the rotation direction of the two motors is opposite, the excitation force produced by their mutual movement is cancelled out in X direction and the excitation force is zero. But the excitation force of the two motors in Y direction is mutually superimposes and drive the whole screen box is reciprocating motion along with Y direction, meanwhile make the mud on the screen surface is upcasted, and when freely drop it has already move forward. It is ceaseless upcasted and dropped and always make the mud move forward, mud liquid leakage into the mud tank through the screen, but most of the big solid particles in mud is sifted out.

The advantage of linear motion shale shaker

The shale shaker uses two motors vibrate in-phase for separation. The screen area is big, the high capacity and the high efficiency screening. The linear motion shale shaker track quickens the discard and improves screen efficiency. The basket can be adjusted to different angles to cope with different environments and drilling liquid conditions. The screen is durable and easy to install and maintain.

Feeder of drilling mud linear motion shale shaker

The mud returned from the well or cuttings to be treated will flow into the drilling shale shaker via the feeder. The feeders can be categorized into weir type, box type and bucket type. The weir type and box type feeders are mainly used to buffer the flow rate of drilling fluid and evenly distribute the fluid onto the screen to reduce the impact of drilling fluid on the screen, extend the service life of screen and improve the treatment effect. Besides, the weir type feeder can also short-circuit the machine if necessary. The bucket type feeder is mainly used with the dryer shaker to collect and distribute cuttings.

Aipu drilling fluid linear motion shale shaker is especially effective and widely used to remove the dense solids from drilling mud. If you want to get more information about shale shaker or need other solids control equipment, please feel free to contact us.


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