HDD Shale shaker for Mud Separation ?>

HDD Shale shaker for Mud Separation

HDD shale shaker is the main equipment for drilling mud separation through shaker screen with stainless steel wire. HDD means horizontal directional drilling for city construction works which is much more convenient than digging. The shaker can separate drilling cuttings 100 to 400 microns size depending on screen mesh selection. The HDD drilling normally requires small footprint, lower mud flow capacity, effective working performance and economic option.

HDD shale shaker

HDD Shale Shaker Features

  • Low mud flow capacity, HDD normally requires mud flow bellow 500GPM and some big projects may require mud flow capacity 500 to 1000GPM.
  • Compact size is very important, the whole shaker with buffer box better no larger than tank width. So that the whole shaker will sit on top of tank without disassemble while transport for fast moving.
  • Buffer box installed on tank of shaker skid to minimum shaker length to maximum shaker size but minimum shaker length for fast moving.
  • Non-explosion proof vibrator motors and electrical control panel to minimum cost. HDD normally working in safe environment with explosion gas, so the electrical standard for all electricity is not that high compares oil & gas drilling, coal bed methane drilling or minging.

AIPU Solids Control supplies various options for shale shaker from 2 panels to 4 panels depending on mud flow capacity and shaker screen mesh installed. Please contact us freely for shaker inquiry and service.


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