Filter Press Performance on Drilling Site ?>

Filter Press Performance on Drilling Site

Filter press is a core equipment for drilling waste management system to recycling drilling fluids and make dry product. AIPU Solids Control is a leading manufacturer for drilling waste management system including filter press and decanter centrifuge. AIPU delivery a set of drilling waste management system to drilling site, we received good feedback from site user on it’s good performance, dry product and clean water. Both decanter centrifuge and filter press work for drilling waste management system but the 2 equipment work not totally same.

filter press on site
filter press on site

Differences of Filter Press and Decanter Centrifuge

1.       Decanter centrifuge is working continuously by a screw pump to feed mud. The decanter centrifuge works by centrifugal force, so that the centrifuge separate solids by gravity. So lighter solids than water can’t be separated out.

2.       Filter press is working by mesh screen which will be pressed together to separate solids and water away. So solids that heavier or lighter than water can be separated out.

3.       Decanter centrifuge is small footprint compares it’s mud treatment capacity. But press filter is larger footprint compares centrifuge equipment.

4.       The filter press will treat mud after flocculation to allow clean water product, centrifuge can treat mud that flocculation or non flocculation.

5.       The feeding pump for both equipment is different because of it’s different working principle.

6.       Products out of press is very dry compares solids out of centrifuge.

filter press product
filter press product

Other than filter press, AIPU Solids Control supply decanter centrifuge as well with different models and bowl diameter and bowl length. Decanter centrifuge is another core equipment for drilling waste management for high speed rotating by centrifugal force principle. Electrical drive and hydraulic drive both available. Want to know more ? Please visit our website or contact us freely, we will reply in 24 hours to give you timely solution.


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