Features and working principle of vacuum degasser ?>

Features and working principle of vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser is a special equipment for dealing with drilling mud. Applicable to all types of facilities, it plays a very important role for the restoration of the mud proportion, retaining mud viscosity, reducing drilling costs. It also can be used as the high-powered blender.

Vacuum degasser working principle

Vacuum degasser mainly used to restore harmful gas. Vacuum degassers are constructed with vacuum pump, vessel body, motor and control cabinet. When the vacuum degasser works, with a vacuum pump suction the tank body will be in vacuum status. Under the action of the atmosphere pressure, drilling mud will flow into the tank through the pipeline. The degasser vessel is provided with an impeller. In the rapid rotation of the impeller, the drilling fluid in the bubble will flow out when bubbles broken. Rising gas will be pumped into the degasser through the vacuum pump. In the degasser, toxic hydrogen sulphide will dissolve in water. The remaining gas will be discharged via vacuum degasser gas vent line.

Vacuum degasser features

  1. Vacuum pump transfer drilling mud into the vacuum tank and the gas is extracted by using vacuum tank, the vacuum pump playing two different roles.
  2. Drilling mud directly flow into the degasser vessel and the internal impellers will completely break bubbles in the slurry, this will leave us excellent degassing efficiency
  3. Main motor is bias whole gravity center will be lower then
  4. Adopted belt drive to avoid the complexity of the reduction mechanism.
  5. The exhaust pipe is always clear. This will benefit water supply to vacuum pump circularly and save water.
  6. The suction pipe is inserted into the mud tank, if we don’t use it to separate invaded gas vacuum degasser will be used as a high power agitator.

In terms of the tips for vacuum degasser installation and operation, the selected ground should be flat enough when we install the degasser. While vacuum degasser is working, the fluid-discharge tube and suction tube must be immersed into mud together or the vacuum degasser cannot work normally. What we should pay more attention is that workers must make sure the motor rotate correctly. The direction of the vacuum pump and belt of the main motor must be in the same direction and seriously ban them to be in two different directions.

Generally speaking, the vacuum degasser is an important part of the solid control system has a special working principle. Vacuum degasser with various structural configuration have to be carefully treated. If the vacuum degasser is well operated, it will last a longer life and we will improve work efficiency greatly.


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