Drilling mud desander from Aipu solids control ?>

Drilling mud desander from Aipu solids control

Desander is the second stage processing equipment in the solids control system. It is mainly used to separate 47-76 μ m particles from drilling fluids. We commonly use 8″, 10”, or 12″cyclones combined desander. According to the clients’ demands of the treating capacity, desander can be configured with different numbers of hydrocyclone.

The drilling mud desander application

  1. Desander is mainly used to purify and control in raw water, such as oil drilling, CBM drilling mud purification separation, well water sand removal, industrial concentration, solid-liquid separation, liquid gas and liquid immiscible separation and so on.
  2. Desander can be widely used to water source heat pump system.

The desander working principle

The desander is made of high anti-corrosive polyurethane or hi-chromium, affordable, high temperature resistant. The cyclone desander is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, when the water flow  into the equipment under a certain pressure, it will create a strong rotation. Because of the different sand water density, under action of centrifugal force, it will lead to different stress, the lighter material is discharged through the overflow tube, the heavier material is discharged along the conical cyclone tube wall from the bottom. Under certain condition and range, the greater water pressure, the higher sand removal rate, it is also used in parallel connection.

The advantage of Aipu desander

  1. Cones are made of high anti-corrosive polyurethane or hi-chromium ensured a long service life, compact structure, convenient to handle and install.
  2. Connection way is coupling. Easy to install and replace
  3. Putting the materials into machine along the tangent line of the feed inlet, the transition is smooth and is in favour of improving separation efficiency. The range of separation size is large.
  4. Large capacity, high efficiency and better performance
  5. The symmetrical inlet structure makes the hydrocyclone allocation more reasonable and work more stable.
  6. Competitive price high cost-effective

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