More details about drilling mud agitator ?>

More details about drilling mud agitator

Aipu drilling mud agitator is an important equipment in solids control system, it is consisted of reducer and explosion-proof electric motor, it is easy to keep up, and suitable to operate in terrible outdoor working conditions. Mud agitator large agitating strength can extend to a large scale of drilling fluids and greatly reduce resisting moments when it running.

Why need mud agitator?

Drilling mud agitator can work continuously and keep solid particles suspend in drilling mud. As a major constituent of harmful solid phase, drill cuttings should be suspended and injected into desander, desilter and centrifuge before being taken away. At the same time, useful solid phase, such as various weighted materials (ground hematite, ground barite) and slight bentonite should also stay in even suspension to stabilize the mud density and other mud properties. Therefore, it is required that mud agitator should work reliably and continuously to prevent drilling mud from precipitating in tank circulating system.

How to choose impeller of mud agitator?

There are many types of impeller in chemical and food industry.

The impeller has wide use range so in oil field solids control there are mainly 3-4 types, including oar type, opening turbo, round turbo, and push type

Equally the working condition and object viscosity and flow situation also have certain appropriate range. Through long time experience and research, all types impeller and dimensions have an approximate range if we design impellers do not include in these types they will not be ideal both on outlook and performance.

Aipu is a professional oilfield drilling mud agitator supplier and manufacturer in Chinese oil drilling mud solids control industry. Aipu is capable of providing customers with a series of products, such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment. Welcome to Aipu soldis control.


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