Desander Pump On Solids Control System ?>

Desander Pump On Solids Control System

Desander pump is used for feeding drilling mud from sand trap into desander cyclone for second phase drilling mud process. The horizontal centrifugal pump is normally chosed for desander pump for saving space. It is normally sit on tank skid under sand trap which is required V tank bottom for fast cleaning and reduce solids building up. For solids control system, it is contains shale shaker, desander cyclone, desilter cyclone, oilfield decanter centrifuge, desander/desilter centrifugal pump, centrifuge feeding pump, mud agitator on tank, mud gun inside of tank, mud tank and pipeline arrangements.

Desander Pump Specification

  1. The pump unit is containers a set of pump head, electrical motor, pump skid and pump coupling. The electrical motor is 4 pole motor that is national standard on installation and working condition, the pump is interchangeable with mission magnum pump. It is mechanical seal pump instead of packing seal.
  2. The mud flow capacity is chosed depending on desander cyclone capacity. The 1000GPM and 1500GPM are the 2 most popular sizes for oil and gas drilling solids control system. 1000GPM mud flow is matching for 2 sets of desander cyclone and 1500GPM mud flow is matching for 3 sets of desander cyclone.
  3. The pump will require 0.25 – 0.4 Mpa pressure to keep desander working in a good performance. The right pressure will help desander cyclone working properly and maximum separate solids out.

4. Connection between pump and desander can be flange connection or clamp connection. The clamp connection   normaly on tank top for fast moving and flange connection inside of tank or under mud tank for steady connection and better seal.

Desander pump and desilter pump normally same size and lay beside each other under stand trap. 2 sets of pump can be connected with each other to reach a replace or spare application incase 1 one of pump under maintenance.


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