Decanter Centrifuge For Sale ?>

Decanter Centrifuge For Sale

AIPU Solids Control is a manufacturer for oil field decanter centrifuge in China. The decanter centrifuge is the fourth phase drilling mud process machine for solids control system. AIPU build middle speed and high speed centrifuge for 2 – 7 microns separation with different mud flow capacity. AIPU decanter centrifuges are for sale at the end of year now.

Middle Speed Decanter Centrifuge

  1. Model: APLW 450x1000N. AP is the short name of AIPU Solids Control. LW means horizontal centrifuge. 450 means bowl diameter 450mm, 1000 means bowl length 1000mm.
  2. Mud flow capacity: 50 cubic meters per hour.
  3. Drum shape: conical.
  4. Bowl max speed: 2200 RPM.
  5. Main motor for drive screw is 30 kw, accessorial motor for centrifuge drive is 7.5kw. Both motor site on each end of centrifuge.
  6. Separation point: 5 – 7 microns at 2200 RPM.

High Speed Decanter Centrifuge

  1. Model: APGLW 355x1258D. AP is the short name of AIPU Solids Control. G means high speed rotating, LW means horizontal centrifuge. 355 means centrifugal bowl diameter 355mm, 1258 means bowl length is 1258mm.
  2. Mud flow capacity: 35 cubic meters per hour.
  3. Max bowl speed: 3800 RPM at separation factor 2035G.
  4. Main drive motor size 37kw, accessorial motor size is 7.5kw. The rotating difference between bowl and screw is 35RPM.
  5. Electrical control panel: Fix speed electrical control panel can make the centrifuge operating at a fixed speed bellow 3800RPM. VFD control panel to make centrifuge frequency speed from 0 to 3800 RPM depending on drilling conditions.
  6. Rotating part like bowl and screw is made by stainless material SS316L. The impeller is coated or welded by tungsten carbide alloy.



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