Composite Shaker Screen Supplier ?>

Composite Shaker Screen Supplier

AIPU Solids Control build a series solids control equipment as well as shaker screen, The composite shaker screen is getting more and more popular because of it’s easier manufacture and steady working life. The composite material shaker screen is built for all sizes of frame type screen like screen for Swaco shaker, Brandt shaker, AIPU shaker, etc.

composite shaker screen
composite shaker screen

What Composite Shaker Screen AIPU supply?

1.       AIPU hunter MG series shale shaker use composite material or steel material screen both. The composite material screen is our standard organization. The screen size is a popular size and screen can be easy sourced anywhere.

2.       All sizes screen for Swaco shaker like Mongoose shaker, MD series shaker, etc. All screen is replaceable with original shaker but it is AIPU brand screen instead of original brand.

3.       All sizes screen for Brandt shaker like King Cobra shaker, VSM 300 series shaker, etc. The replace screen can be fit onto original shaker very well with proper working performance.

4.       Other size of frame type screen can be made for composite material. We have mold for some popular size screens which won’t cost extra when order screen. If you order new screen that we don’t have mold, it will cost extra for the mold.

composite screen shaker
composite screen shaker

What Spare Parts AIPU Supply?

1.       Shaker screen repair plug for different size of shaker square or other type plug. Please let us know what type of your screen looks like and we can supply correct repair plug for you.

2.       Wedge for locking composite material, the wedge may different for different model shaker, please let us know what is your required wedge before order.

3.       Screen seal rubber between shaker deck and shaker.


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