Brief introduction for shear pump ?>

Brief introduction for shear pump

Shear pump is a special equipment of solids control system which can meet all customers’ requirements of preparing drilling fluid for the well drilling system. This shear pump manufactured by Aipu company is used to treat the high property mud, make the mud to obtain good rheological properties and save the drilling cost as much as possible. This ideal solids control equipment designed by Aipu engineers has high performance and gained customer’s high evaluation.

The working principle of shear pump

The turbine axial flow provide the certain displacement flow for pump impeller and storage tank, the 50% of the liquid discharged through the pump impeller and enter into the volute casing. The other 50% liquid is absorbed by storage tank. The unique design of the pressure cabin make the liquid in storage tank have the certain energy. The liquid discharged through pump impeller parallel to the shear plate flow with the higher flow speed. The inspiratory liquid by storage tank through 44 nozzles perpendicular to the shear plate injection. The injection fluid mixed with the fluid discharged by pump impeller with the higher flow speed impact the shear pump saw tooth, the high speed rotary shear plate saw tooth re-sheared the fluid. So the fluid flow through the impeller will bear many times shearing action.

Meanwhile, the use of shear pump can reduce more than 15% of polymer, bentonite consumption decreased by 30%, and improved the flow of mud cake and losses, lower than the rate of drilling fluid shear, improve gel strength, reached similar foreign advanced level of products, which is more reliable seal structure, with excellent performance, easier to maintain.

Knowing the working principle, what is the function?

  1. A shear pump can greatly enhance the degree of hydration of earth-moving particles.

Bentonite particles dispersed in water and the degree of hydration depends on: the electrolyte content in the water, time, temperature, amount and concentration of the surface can be replaced by cations.

  1. Shear pumps can rapidly shear thinning polymer hydration.

The molecular weight of the polymer used in the slurry is difficult to directly join the hydration of the polymer and therefore require pre-cut.

  1. Provide a higher shear displacement pump and head to meet the requirements of slurry preparation and handling.

Generally speaking, according to the properties, shear pump is really holy and surprising in the drilling fluid. So shear pump is really necessary in the working of oil. Due to the quick development of drilling fluid, shear pump will be used widely. If you have any question, please call us or send an email to Aipu solids control.


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