200GPM Mud Manager For Water Well Drilling Rig ?>

200GPM Mud Manager For Water Well Drilling Rig

AIPU 200GPM mud manager is designed for water well drilling rig that handle 200 gallans per minute mud flow to recycle drilling mud and re-mix for re-use. It is a 4 meters long mud tank install one set of double deck shale shaker to reach the application of mud recycling.

Main Equipments Of 200GPM Mud Manager For Water Well Drilling Rigmud manager

  1. One set double deck shale shaker with 6 pcs of shaker screen totally , the bottom deck working for first phase cleaning at 400 microns separation , top deck working as a drying shaker for desilter cyclones for 20 microns separation .
  2. 6 pcs of desilter cone installed on double deck shale shaker for second phase cleaning and drop solids particals on top deck of shaker to reduce fluids lost .
  3. 1 set of centrifugal pump to feed desilter cone and supply proper mud flow and pressure for desilter cone for proper work .
  4. 1 set of centrifugal pump and 1 set mixing hopper to reach mud mixing application .
  5. 1 set of 4 meters long mud tank for 10,000 liters mud capacity , the mud tank devided into 2 compartments , the first one as a sand trap and second one as a mixing & storage application .
  6. Mud tank attachment and electrical control system for all above motors .

Other than 200GPM mud manager, AIPU solids control supply a complete line of mud manager for different drilling rigs to suit different drilling conditions and regulations , further more talk is available by click website or call office directly .


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