ZJ50 Solids Control System ?>

ZJ50 Solids Control System

ZJ50 solids control system is designed for oilfield drilling rig that drilling max 5000 meters. ZJ is drilling rig for short of Chinese name. The solids control system including coarse mesh of vibrating shaker, desander cyclone for sand separating, desilter cyclone for silt separation, middle speed decanter centrifuge for heavy spar separation, high speed decanter centrifuge to reduce drilling mud density, mud storage tanks for mud holding and cleaning mud storage and chemical mixing by 2 sets of mixing pump and mixing hopper. Mud agitator numumbers and size will be fixed depending on tank size and mud conditions. The mud gun installed for mud transfer and agitating mud avoid solids settling down.

solids control
solids control

ZJ50 Solids Control System Working Procedure

1. The drilling mud from drill hole will overflow though pipeline and feed into poor boy degasser. The gas vent line will goes into flare ignition device for gas ignition.
2. The mud out of poor boy degasser will feed into 2 or 3 sets vibrating shaker by coarse mesh of shaker screen to separate large size of drilling cuttings. The solids cuttings will be separate by vibrating screen and fluids content will be drop in to sand trap.
3. A set of centrifugal pump will suction from sand trap and feed into desander cyclone, the solids particles drop onto shaker screen and clean mud over flow into desander compartment. Another set of centrifugal pump will pick mud from desander compartment and feed into desilter cone, the solids particles drop onto shaker screen and clean mud over flow into desilter compartment.
4. A screw pump or slurry pump will pick up mud from desilter compartment and feeding into decanter centrifuge for further treatment. There will be 2 centrifuge required, middle speed decanter centrifuge and high speed decanter centrifuge.
5. 5 sets of mud tanks for mud storage and mixing, 2 sets of centrifugal pump for mud transfer and 2 sets of centrifugal pumps for mud mixing. 3 sets of mud agitators installed on each tank avoid solids settle down.


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