Vacuum degasser from Aipu solids control ?>

Vacuum degasser from Aipu solids control

Vacuum degasser brief introduction

Vacuum degasser is a special device for quickly processing invaded gas from drilling mud. It is very important for returning mud gravity, restoring mud proportion , stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. At the same time vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and adaptable for all types of drilling mud circulation or purification system.

The types of vacuum degasser

  1. Vertical vacuum degasser
  2. Horizontal vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser operational principle

Vacuum degassers are constructed with vacuum pump, mud gas separator, mud tank, motor and control cabinet. When the equipment works, pipeline below tank will be into the flowing drilling fluid, making the tank body in a vacuum state, open vacuum pump and pump some gas to make different pressure between drilling mud and mud tank. So drilling mud will get into the tank through the pipeline. The mud tank is provided with an impeller. In the rapid rotation of the impeller, the drilling fluid within the bubble is broken. Rising gas will be pumped into the mud gas separator through the vacuum pump. In the mud gas separator, toxic hydrogen sulphide will dissolve in water. The rest of the gas are discharged by export of mud gas separator.

Vacuum degasser feature

  1. In the working process of water ring vacuum pump, it is always in isothermal condition, suitable for pumping of flammable and explosive gas, safety performance is reliable.
  2. Drilling mud through the window of rotor is jilted to wall at high speed, the bubbles in mud will be broken completely, so degassing efficiency is high and more than 95%.
  3. The main motor bias, the lower center of gravity
  4. Adopt belt drive to avoid complexity of reduction mechanism.
  5. The application of gas water separator will not give rise to water and gas discharged at the same time. But vacuum degasser exhaust pipe is always clear and supply water to vacuum pump circularly, saving water, environmental protection.
  6. The suction pipe is inserted into the mud tank, under the condition of no gas invading, vacuum degasser can be used as a high power agitator.


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