Selection and maintenance of vacuum degassser ?>

Selection and maintenance of vacuum degassser

Vacuum degasse is used to remove almost all entrained gases, including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen in from drilling fluid. It reduces the threat of dangerous and costly blowouts while restoring mud to its original density for reuse in the active mud system.

Selection of vacuum degasser

Vacuum degassers can wipe off the invaded gas from drilling mud quickly, restore drilling mud proportion, keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling mud. A vacuum degasser must be used after shale shaker and before centrifugal pump. As when drilling fluid contains gas, centrifugal pump cavitation will occur. Cavitation will not only influence the performance of centrifugal pump, bring noises and vibration, shorten its life but also lead to damage when serious.  There are two functions of vacuum degasser, the first is to ensure the stable performance of drilling fluid, avoid blowout and kick accidents, guarantee the safety of drilling; Second is to ensure the normal working of hydrocyclones. When drilling in deep well, gas and oil gas, vacuum degassers are must-have equipments.

Vacuum degasser maintenance

It is necessary to install a vacuum degasser for their removal from the drilling fluids since the invading gases may impact mud properties, cause safety risks and affect the lifespan of some equipment.

  1. When the vaccum degasser is rolling, it is necessary to check its vacuum gauge all the time and adjust vacuum degree between 0.03~0.05 to ensure the normal operation.
  2. The rotor and suction pipe inside vacuum chamber should be washed clean after the machine is used. Then cut off the electricity, unload the blind, examine the condition of parts, remove the foreign objects and wash clean the inner wall and rotor with high-pressure water pipe.
  3. Weekly cleaning should be performed on the head cover of vacuum chamber to keep dirty stuff from blocking gas passage. The gas collector and bubble separator on head cover can be washed by clean water. While doing these, unconnect the vacuum pipelines, undo the pipe plug and gauge stand, then insert high-pressure water pipe for 3-5 mins each time.
  4. Lubricate the spindle bearing with 250-300mL grease every other month.
  5. In wintertime, immediately discharge the standing water inside gas/liquid separator and pump as the precautions of possible frost crack. After vacuum pump is dismantled and repaired, please note the concentricity of coupling.

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