Mud Mixing Tank For HDD Drilling ?>

Mud Mixing Tank For HDD Drilling

mixing tank
mixing tank

Mud Mixing tank can be a separate mud tank or combination with mud recycling tank. HDD drilling, full name is horizontal directional drilling. HDD drilling will require mud mixing tank with mixing pump and hopper. The size and specification required will be depending on different drill rig and drilling condition. AIPU mud mixing tank can be different design on mud tank size, pipe line arrangement, mud agitator size options, tank top material with checker plate or gratings, mixing pump size, mud hopper size, etc. The mud hopper can be lay on tank top for better mixing application. The mud hopper can lay on tank skid for easy and convenient operation also.

mixing hopper
mixing hopper

Mud Mixing Tank Configuration

  1. One or 2 sets of mixing pump for transfer and mixing mud into mixing hopper, it’s normally choose a set of centrifugal pump with electrical motor.
  2. One or 2 sets of mixing hopper cooperate with mixing pump for new mud mixing or old mud balance.
  3. One set mud mixing tank from 4 meters to 13 meters for holding mud, tank compartment can be divided into 2, 3, or 4 mud tank compartment depending on tank application. Inside of mud tank installed with mud mixing pipeline, mud discharge pipeline, mud pump suction pipeline, mud gun line, water line, walkway, handrail, stair, etc.
  4. Tank top can be checker plate or gratings depending on mud tank application or client requirement. Checker plate tank top is seal on top and gratings can be open tank top.
  5. One set of mud agitator every 3 or 4 meters on tank length direction. The mud agitator size depending on tank size and mud density & viscosity requirement.
  6. 2 or more sets of mud gun for mud tank compartment jetting. Mud gun designed 3 nozzle fixed for rotation type.

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