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Advantages and using tips of desilter ?>

Advantages and using tips of desilter

Desilter is made up with the hydrocyclone and shale shaker screen, it is designed by the theory of particle sedimentation. The separation medium-drilling fluid produces some pressure and speed when it passes the centrifugal pump, and flows into the hydrocyclone along the wall, the bigger solid particles along the wall of hydrocyclone sink spirally under the centrifugal force and gravity, and to be discharged from the bottom flow hole and fall on the under micromeshsieve for separation. The other mediums…

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Aipu drilling mud desilter ?>

Aipu drilling mud desilter

Aipu is a drilling mud desilter manufacturer in China. Aipu oilfield desilter have been exported to many countries and we have got a lot of good feedback from all clients. Oilfield drilling mud desilter Drilling mud desilter is the third stage of solids control equipment. In oilfield solids control system, the 15 to 44 μm solids are to be separated from drilling mud, the rest drilling mud will be further processed by next stage equipment. Main part of drilling mud…

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How does desilter work? ?>

How does desilter work?

Oilfield drilling mud desilter is used after desander (or hydrocyclone desander) and as 3rd stage of solids control system, for which the solids diameter to be separated ranges from 15 to 44 microns. How does desilter work? Main part of drilling  mud desilter is the hydrocyclone cone. It is a kind of pressure device. The separation process is carried out by centrifugal forces. Under pressure, drilling fluid with solid particles will flow into the mud desilter cones, after high rotation,…

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How to install and maintain desilter? ?>

How to install and maintain desilter?

Brief introduction for desilter Desilter is composed of screen, distribution manifold and other components. Desilter is used as the third stage solids control equipment for drilling fluid solids control system. The separation capacity of desilter is quite high and the size range of particle separated is extensive. The underflow port of hydro cyclones is like umbrella and sand can be deposited rapidly under pressure, reducing the probability of underflow port jams. Installation and debugging of desilter Desilter should be installed…

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Drilling mud desilter ?>

Drilling mud desilter

Drilling mud desilter brief Mud desilter is the third phase solids control equipment used to purify the drilling mud. It is used to depend on 5 “and 4” cones to separate between 15 and 45 micron solids particles. According to customers’ different requirements, we can design different types of desilters. Desilter structure and working principle The mud desilter is mainly composed of a perfusion tube, overflow discharge, cyclone group, shale shaker and holder, etc. The basic principle is drilling fluid…

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