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Oilfield Solids Control System ?>

Oilfield Solids Control System

Solids control system may contain shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, mud cleaner,decanter centrifuge, pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud mixer, poor boy degasser, mud tank, etc. The systems will suit rig max drilling depth from 2000m to 9000m, as well as the offshore rig or jack-up platform drilling We promise clients optimal solution with cost-efficient budget Main Specification Of Solids Control System Rig 350-450HP 550-650HP (ZJ20) 750HP (ZJ30) 1000HP (ZJ40) 1500HP (ZJ50) 2000HP (ZJ70) Mud Flow(m³/h) 90 120 180…

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Solids Control Spare Parts ?>

Solids Control Spare Parts

AIPU Solids Control is a manufacturer for solids control equipment as well as solids control spare parts to match AIPU equipment. All standard parts keep stock at AIPU warehouse for urgent requirement or urgent after sale service for clients. The spare parts will including shaker screen, pump head, electrical motor, control panel, gear box, mud agitator, screen wedge, butterfly valve, etc. Solids Control Spare Parts – Shaker Screen Shaker screen is a kind of regular solids control spare parts, each…

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Centrifugal Pump & Mud Gun Delivery ?>

Centrifugal Pump & Mud Gun Delivery

AIPU Solids Control build a complete line of solids control equipment as well as mud tank attachement. Centrifugal pump and mud gun will be used to sit or install on mud tank depending on tank application. The centrifugal pump mainly for mud transfer and supply a suitable pressure if feeding into cyclone or mud pump. Mud gun will work for mud transfer and mud agitating as well. AIPU just deliveried many sets of centrifugal pump and mud gun for a…

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Solids Control Equipments Delivery For Jobsite ?>

Solids Control Equipments Delivery For Jobsite

AIPU Solids Control finished manufacture of a set of solids control equipment and delivery to job site last week. The set of solids control equipment delivery for oil and gas drilling in jobsite. The solids control equipmets mainly working to separate drilling cuttings from drilling mud, keep proper drilling mud density and viscosity, mixing new mud to suit drilling conditions. Solids Control equipments all working based on mechanical separation. Depending on different size of separation, there are different equipment in…

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